When you choose something to beautify your home, you want it to be unique as well as beautiful. The rarer it is, the better it will look.

Certain plants, in this case, have the edge over traditional home decor as they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes each unique and beautiful in its way and would be at the top of the list for interior plant service. Here is a list of exotic plants that will make your home look and feel amazing. You can also visit the website of Imagine Plant Design – Exotic Plant Service to check how exotic plants fit in an indoor plant service

Sago Palm

It is a kind of Cycad which is a primitive plant family. They are initially from Japan and are extremely slow in growth. They can grow up to six feet indoors and can be dwarfed by growing in pots. However, all parts of this plant are toxic and can severely damage the liver and result in death when they are consumed by pets. They tend to develop watering related issues.


These are exotic Amazonian plants and are famous for their flower which has bright colored bracts hiding their true flowers. They are famous for their suitability to be grown indoors and are famous for their rot resistance properties.

Zebra Plant

A native of the Amazon rain forest, they are famous for their striped foliage. They have green leaves with white veins on them, which makes them look very attractive. They also have bright yellow flowers which bloom from golden bracts, which lasts for only a few weeks but adds to the charm.

Elephant’s Ear

Tropical Asia is its natural habitat. They have huge, striking, dark green leaves with light green veins. They stand out wherever they are, and the foliage is the main attraction. They prefer humid climatic conditions.


ZZ Plant

They grow in East Africa and are the best houseplants you could ever ask for due to their ultra-low maintenance features. They can take care of themselves and do not particularly care for regular watering or fertilization. They are also strikingly beautiful with their slender stems and glossy leaves. They are perfect for beginners and the working class who may not remember to take care of their plants.

These aren’t exactly exotic, as they are present in most parts of the world. However, their diversity is so vast that it is hard to believe that they belong to the same broad family.
They come in a vast variety of sizes, foliage, flowers, and so on. The flowers have a striking resemblance to many living and non-living things from Dragons to Slippers. It doesn’t get any more versatile than orchids.
They are also small and easy to grow indoors making them perfect for home décor.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to plants. They provide variety unlike any other object used for decoration purposes and have their unique beauty associated with them. Having a living object in your living room makes the place more vibrant and lively. You should choose the right kind of plant as per your requirement, space, and maintenance ability.